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Невымываемый препарат для капитальной био- влагозащиты древесины «Универсал»Prevention and disposal of wood-decaying fungi.






Product: Low-viscosity transparent liquid of yellowish color

Action: Prevention and disposal of wood-decaying fungi


  • no wash-out from wood on exposure to moisture
  • prompt wood penetration
  • causing no corrosion of black metal
  • no wood coloring
  • odorless
  • no hazardous substances of hazard classes 1 and 2 under GOST 12.1.007

Application area: Parts of residential, public and agricultural buildings and structures, greenhouses, hydraulic works, saunas, garages and other structures used under conditions ranging from hygroscopic moisture to soil and air contact (conditions of service classes I-XII under GOST 20022.2).

Storage: The protective agent should be kept in manufacturer's package separately from food, in shed storage facility. Containers can be used for relevant purposes after proper washing by water. Shelf life is no less than 12 months.

Application method: Any known method of wood protection.

Tool cleaning: Washing with acetone or butyl acetate.

Safety requirements: This protective agent is prohibited for protection of wood in contact with food. Do not let the solution get on exposed skin, eyes or mouth. When handling the agent, have working clothes on and use individual means for protecting eyes, respiratory organs and hands. Room should be aired to ensure compliance with the applicable maximum permissible concentrations in the air of work area. Keep antiseptic from entering the environment.

This summary contains only generic information. Considering the diversity of application conditions for the preparation and service conditions for protected wood, it is advisable to contact us for further information to suit your specific conditions.


Невымываемый препарат для капитальной био- влагозащиты древесины «Универсал»Невымываемый препарат для капитальной био- влагозащиты древесины «Универсал»


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